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Statement on Brit Milah for Iceland

To: The Honourable Steingrímur J. Sigfússon, Speaker of Althingi From: Rabbi Dr. Rene Pfertzel, Chair, European Rabbinic Assembly Date: 1 May 2018 RE: Referal of Proposed ban on ritual circumcision to Cabinet The European Rabbinic Assembly (ERA), serving 170 Progressive Jewish communities in 17 European countries expresses its appreciation to Iceland’s legislature for dismissing the proposed ban on ritual circumcision, not bringing it to a floor vote. We note the many Jewish and Muslim leaders and organisations that have spoken out against the bill, including the Icelandic Church and the Catholic Church in the European Union. ERA applauds this decision which upholds the guarantees of the fre

Statement on Antisemitism

We, the rabbis of the European Rabbinic Assembly, are troubled by the increasing xenophobia, rising extremism and intolerance raging across Europe. In many countries, Jews and other minorities have faced discrimination, attacks, and even been murdered for being different. We extend our sympathy and support to all who suffer from violence and discrimination. This distressing trend makes it difficult, even dangerous, to wear visible Jewish symbols in many places in Europe. Other minority communities are also face similar challenges. Our concern about the current climate of intolerance and fear is grounded in our historical experience. As Jews we abide by the biblical mandate “to love your neig

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