Conversion to Judaism: where to go?


The first step is to talk to you local Rabbi. You will find a list of the congregations, which are members of the European Union for Progressive in Judaism on this site: at

We would like to draw your attention to the fact that only conversions undertaken under the auspices of a EUPJ recognised Rabbi and Beit Din (Rabbinic Court) will allow you to apply for full membership to a EUPJ community and to make Aliyah to Israel if you so wish.

The Progressive European Batei Din currently recognised by ERA (EUPJ Rabbinic Association) and the EUPJ are: 

The Beit Din of Liberal Judaism (U.K., Denmark, Ireland, Beit HaChidush, NL)

The Beit Din of the Movement for Reform Judaism (U.K.)

The Allegemeine Beit Din (Germany)

The Beth Din of the Dutch Union for Progressive Judaism (The Netherlands)

Kerem, the Beit Din of the French and Francophone Communities (France, Luxembourg, Belgium & French speaking Switzerland)

The Beit Din of the Swiss-German and Austrian progressive communities (German speaking Switzerland & Austria)

For all other areas not covered above, the European Beit Din has jurisdiction


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