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Membership Application Guidelines


1. Each applicant for admission to membership of the ERA should have a bachelor's degree (or its equivalent), by which is meant an academic degree from a reputable institution of higher education (university), earned for an undergraduate course of study that generally lasted at least two years.

2. Each applicant for admission to membership of the ERA should also have achieved rabbinic ordination (s'michah) from an institution recognized and approved by the World Union for Progressive Judaism (WUPJ) and the European Union of Progressive Judaism (EUPJ).

3. When applying for membership of the ERA the applicant should be employed by a congregation or organisation which is a member of the EUPJ or should have been so employed in the past.

4. To apply for membership of the ERA, the applicant shall send to the Honorary Secretary of the ERA for the Executive of the ERA:

1. A completed application form

2. A photocopy of the applicant's university diploma showing the degree earned by the applicant

3. A true copy of the document evidencing the grant of the applicant's s'michah upon ordination by a publicly known seminary recognised and approved by the EUPJ.


5. The names of two existing ERA members who have indicated their willingness to propose and second the proposal for the applicant to be admitted as a member of the ERA.

6. The Executive of the ERA has an unfettered discretion for deciding if the applicant is qualified and suitable for admission and should be admitted to membership of the ERA, or not. If the Executive makes a decision not to admit the applicant to membership, that decision will be notified to the applicant together with guidance on how an appeal may be made against that decision.

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