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Statement from ERA: Abraham Geiger Kolleg

Statement from ERA: Abraham Geiger Kolleg

As the Board of the European Rabbinical Assembly (ERA), the umbrella organisation of progressive rabbis in Europe, we view with great concern the abuses that have come to light in rabbinical education in Potsdam.

The investigation report of the University of Potsdam concludes in its preliminary findings that “ So far, the accusations against Prof. Homolka of abuse of power through the accumulation of offices, the creation of problematic working and study conditions and career interference have been confirmed". (para V)

An institution that trains Rabbis must model the highest ethical standards, and we consider that the confirmed abuse of power, in the form of its structural design, demonstrates that the current leadership is not suitable to address these issues.

The new allegations of sexualized harassment prompts us to once again offer our listening ears and our support in a safe and caring environment to the students and graduates of Abraham Geiger College.

They can reach us in confidence at

We also reject the allegation that the investigation of the accusations is motivated by an anti-Progressive and homophobic campaign (DIE ZEIT, 27/10/2022). Rather, the grievances that have already become visible are incompatible with the values of progressive Judaism.

We support the comprehensive investigation of the allegations. Additionally, we emphasize our readiness to help with the institutional and programmatic restructuring of Progressive Rabbinical training in Germany.

3rd November 2022


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