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Statement on Situation in Ukraine

Statement on Situation in Ukraine 24/02/2022

The Board of the EUPJ Rabbinic Assembly, the Association of Progressive Rabbis in Europe, joins with rabbis all over Europe in condemning the unprovoked attack by Russia on Ukraine and our hearts go out to our colleagues working in Ukraine and to their congregants as well as all of the millions of innocent citizens in the region. This Shabbat our thoughts and prayers are for them and our deepest hope is that restraint and good sense will bring an end to this conflict before it grows and directly affects the whole of Europe.

We call for a Shabbat of Peace this coming Shabbat Vayakhel (Shekalim), and we ask our communities to pray for a return to diplomacy to bring about stability and enduring peace.

We ask all rabbis and communities to share with us the urgent actions of support they are making so that we can share ideas of practical help we can give.

Let us pray for and offer our services towards the well being of our world, and let us believe that truth and love will prevail over lies and hatred.

Board of EUPJ Rabbinic Assembly

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