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Prayers for Israel: Lior bar Ami

Prayer for Israel

Heavenly Protector,

In the face of this sudden assault and overwhelming barrage, we turn to You for solace and deliverance.

Embrace the wounded with Your healing touch, grant strength to those in the midst of chaos, and provide comfort to the grieving hearts.

Illuminate the path of rescue for those held captive, and guide the hands of those working tirelessly for their liberation.

Bless the defenders - the brave police and soldiers - with courage beyond measure, as they stand resolute in the face of danger, shielding their fellow citizens.

As fear grips the land, let Your presence be a pillar of unwavering support.

We implore You to bring swift deliverance and restoration to Israel. Rabbi Lior bar Ami

Prayer for Those Abducted to Gaza

Compassionate Guardian,

As we confront the harrowing events that have unfolded, our hearts ache for those taken amidst the terror, now held in Gaza.

We turn to You, seeking Your sheltering wings to enfold them. Grant them the courage to endure, the faith to persevere, and the unyielding belief that they will be safely reunited with their loved ones.

May those who hold them find within themselves the spark of empathy to set them free.

Our voices rise together, a chorus of love and hope, resonating across the world. In this sombre hour, bestow upon us the strength to be beacons of steadfast light, illuminating the path towards a future defined by peace, unity, and unwavering hope. Rabbi Lior bar Ami


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