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Forty Seventh Day of the Omer

To the faithful, Torah offers the word of God which persists for all ages… Each generation is heard in the Torah’s words, its own wishes and hopes and thoughts, each individual his heart’s desire. Never in Judaism did Torah become an ancient book.. it remained the book of life, of each new day…

The Torah had to come to some understanding with the dominating idea of each age… with each conquest of human thought the Torah took on a different meaning,.. So the Torah itself moved forward with the times and each age won its own Torah.

It became a supreme commandment to “study”, to explore Torah, which means to consider the Torah as a challenge rather than as a gift….

The Torah is, as a whole, roughhewn, unfinished, and unsystematic. It leaves many things open. It is full of questions.

The Torah is the most stable element of Judaism and at the same time its most dynamic force

(Rabbi Dr Leo Baeck – selected from his writings)


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