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Day fifteen of the Omer

“Temper your justice with kindness” (love).

Truth is the foundation of all things. However sometimes silence is the only path though the wilderness.

But always remember that even when your actions go unobserved by your fellows that they are seen by God and they are recorded. Only do, or leave undone that which you would be happy to talk about in front of anybody.

We are being called continuously but make ourselves too busy with the unimportant to hear. Alternatively we are concerned that if we allow ourselves to hear it, there is no telling where said call will take us. And on that front we are right to be concerned.

It takes time from becoming free, free of whatever is binding us until we can find or accept a new way of living.

Even for the children of Israel there was a period between leaving Egypt (Passover) and being able to accept The Torah (a new life) at Sinai at Shavuot. In their case the forty-nine days of the Omer which many of us still count every year.

May you not only free yourself of all those things binding you but may path afterwards lead to your own Sinai and a deep and personal relationship with God. And in doing this a space and a silence can really help.

Rabbi Adam Frankenberg. London


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