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Thirty Eighth Day of the Omer

What is clear to me is that in order to connect past, present and future, we need to find a cause that liberates us from crippling grief and bitterness and shows us the way to hope and life. We have focused too much on the despair and not enough on the hope, and, dare I say it, redemption. …. We need to find the resisters, the good, the altruistic, and ….. expose them and their goodness to the world. We need to hear open testimony about their courage and merit. We need to tach the world a lesson about the possibility of virtue and righteousness in a world of hatred prejudice, racism and antisemitism….We have to be part of what has been called “The Conspiracy of Goodness”…to create a world which believes that goodness is natural and which will work toward the eradication of all blind hatred.

(Rabbi Dr Barbara Borts, taken from a sermon)


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