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Statement from Rabbis for Human Rights

Rabbis for Human Rights statement regarding the ongoing attack in Southern Israel:

Like many here and around the world, we too stand in shock, pain, and horror at the murderous attack that occurred in the southern part of the country over the last 24 hours. At this moment the attack is still going on and many of our friends are currently under fire, some have been hurt, and others have lost their loved ones. Even though no one can assess the true dimensions of this tragedy at the moment, it is already clear that we are facing an unprecedented scale of loss, injuries, and abductions.

A thorough examination and a process of drawing difficult conclusions will be needed to fully comprehend the depth of the failure that allowed these events to unfold as they did. However, one thing is painfully clear even now: this reality is not a matter of fate, and no person, man, woman, or child should have to live in fear, hide in shelters, or flee to find refuge. Security is not a privilege - it is a fundamental right that every individual is entitled to, simply by virtue of being human. Yet, it is also the thing that has been stolen from all the inhabitants of this land, both Israelis and Palestinians, for far too many years, leaving behind a trail of blood. This cycle must come to an end.

It is already evident that the new reality awaiting us cannot be like yesterday. The big question that arises is whether we will be swept along by those failed concepts, which have proven to be detrimental time and time again, or if we will turn towards something fundamentally different, a path that will ensure not only our peace but also theirs, our future alongside theirs, our dignity standing shoulder to shoulder with theirs.

We grieve and mourn with the families of the victims, send wishes of healing to the wounded and their families, and hold prayers for the swift release of the captives and the alleviation of suffering as much as possible.

May the Eternal grant strength to Your people ; may the Eternal bless Your people with Peace.


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