A Jewish progressive voice for Europe

ERA is the assembly of progressive rabbis, liberal rabbis, and reform rabbis serving synagogues of the EUPJ in Europe. It strives to give progressive, liberal, and reform Judaism a voice in Europe, help network and support its rabbis, and harmonize their work across Europe.

Kallah & AGM 2020


Postponed to November 1rst-3rd

ERA board has decided to postpone its Kallah and to hold it from Sunday 1 November until Tuesday 3 November 2020. We hope to be able to offer the same programme, depending on the presenters availabilities. We are currently discussing with the two hotels booked for the occasion to see if we can also postpone room booking. Alternatively, you may wish to contact them for reimbursement. 

As for airlines, as long as there is no decision by various European governments to declare an emergency, reimbursements are made only according the type of ticket. I will advise you to wait and see how the situation evolves, and if such times arrive, you may be entitled either full reimbursement or booking on other dates. 

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