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A Jewish progressive voice for Europe

ERA is the assembly of progressive rabbis, liberal rabbis, and reform rabbis serving synagogues of the EUPJ in Europe. It strives to give progressive, liberal, and reform Judaism a voice in Europe, help network and support its rabbis, and harmonize their work across Europe.

Statement of solidarity and support for the people of Israel

The Rabbis of the European Progressive Movements (ERA) stand in loving solidarity with the people of Israel who are facing such tragedy. We are holding in our hearts all those who are missing, who have
been kidnapped, who have been injured, who have been murdered. We pledge to tell their stories and to repeat their names, to not let them ever be forgotten.
We stand in solidarity with the people in shelters, and with the people who are in active service. We send strength to all those who are providing medical, practical and emotional support.
We want you to know that you are not alone. Along with so many others we stand with you, we share your grief and your pain.
May God protect us all, give us the strength and the resilience we need. May God give comfort to all the mourners of our people, and may peace come speedily to our land.

Board of ERA
9th October 2023

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